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Case Study 1

Russian client buying in central London at £23m. Income all in Russia and the Ukraine/Russia situation taking hold. Looking to bridge purchase and requiring £20m loan

Bank carried out enhanced due diligence and agreed lending of 65% against both existing property and proposed purchase.

Interest rate 1.8% over LIBOR (0.59%)

 Case Study 2

Retired client with little income living in £5m property. Looking to release equity from property to enable him to refurbish property and provide income for cash flow for the next 3 years. Requirement was to enable him to stay in the property for a further 3 years before downsizing to the country. Main issue was the lack of income.

His existing ender was not willing to assist and there were very few lenders who were interested. Lending agreed at £1.5m with funds given to client to refurbish the property as well as funds put to one side to cover interest payments.

Rate 1.6% over LIBOR (0.59%) for 3 years

Case Study 3

Married couple who inherited a buy to let valued at £6m. Moderate income and existing loan of £1.2m with a pay rate of 3.59%.  Requirement to increase loan to £2.2m to refurbish the property. This would take 9 months to complete and the property would be empty for this period and no rental income.

Agreed lending with a Scandinavian bank at 1.6% over LIBOR (0.59%) at £2.5m. £1m to repay existing debt, £1m to refurbish and £300k to invest with the bank and cover interest payments pending property being rented once more. With lower interest rate, interest payments only increased by 27% whilst loan size increased by 108%.

Case Study 4

Client looking to purchase investment property at £1.7m and requiring £1m loan to assist. Rental value on property on the low size so would not fit with most bank requirements.

Rate 2.39% tracking Bank of England base rate for 2 years.