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Asset Finance Loans

Crossways Private Finance can advise you if you wish to raise funds against assets other than traditional residential or commercial property. We have experience in arranging finance against asset classes such as art, wine, yachts or private aircraft.

A more usual form of asset lending is against more liquid securities such as blue chip equities or high rated bonds. Lending against such assets, also called Lombard lending, can be extremely cheap compared to funds secured against property.

You should consider Asset backed or Lombard lending if:

  1. You have a share or bond portfolio that you do not want to encash.
  2. You do not want all your capital sitting purely in property.
  3. You wish to have more leverage against your property and exposure to both equity and property markets.
  4. You wish to make an investment property as tax efficient as possible by effectively borrowing 100% of the purchase price.
  5. You have a significant asset that the lender is able to take legal security against to increase your leverage.

It should still be possible to offset interest paid on your loan against any investment property income if it was borrowed for this purpose no matter where the loan is secured. You should consult a qualified accountant to confirm this though as we are not qualified to give tax advice.

Some forms of asset backed lending are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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