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Crossways Private Finance. The Large Mortgage Broker

We are a specialist large mortgage loan broker that caters to the needs of high net worth individuals. We understand that more complicated financial situations require a more knowledgeable approach than the high street can offer and aim to provide a complete service in this regard. We are founded on the principles of providing expert advice for a fair fee, and to represent the clients interests as our own.

We will work with your existing advisors make sure you have the very best representation. We deal with the specialist lenders and private banks on a day to day basis and are fully aware of who is offering best value for a given situation at a given time. Appetites for lending and criteria vary all the time from institution and only a fully focused large mortgage broker will be able to make sure that you have the very best solution to your needs.

Cost effective solutions

We aim to be extremely cost effective. For example, the standard fee arrangement from a private bank tends to be one percent if approached directly. If approached by us we can often recoup broker fees out of this, with no additional cost to yourself. In addition we will then negotiate the margin or rate for you, saving you more money over time. We are very aware of the possible ranges of lending margins and will aim to secure you the very lowest offer.

Experienced and professional

We have a vested interest in making sure that your receive a satisfactory offer of finance and will work on your behalf to achieve this. From the initial meeting with the lender right through to arranging valuations, instructing lawyers and managing the entire process we will be at your disposal. Often what appears to be a straightforward situation can turn up unexpected issues along the way and at these times it pays to have an experienced professional representing you who has experience in overcoming diverse challenges.